Jordan receives a DAISY Award nomination

December 28, 2023 |

Jordan received a glowing DAISY nomination for his outstanding nursing approach.

The nomination stated, “Jordan is a beacon of light. His passion for providing outstanding patient care is palpable, and his unwavering dedication to positively impacting the lives of his patients is truly commendable. One of the standout qualities that sets Jordan apart is his exceptional empathy. Patients consistently commend Jordan for his ability to connect with them on a personal level, providing comfort and reassurance during challenging times. His warm and compassionate demeanor creates an environment where patients feel heard, valued and understood. He genuinely invests in the emotional well-being of his patients and fosters trust and confidence. Jordan is also an exemplary team player. He consistently goes above and beyond to collaborate with his colleagues, fostering a positive and supportive work environment. His willingness to lend a helping hand and share his knowledge is truly commendable, creating a cohesive and effective healthcare team. Jordan consistently exemplifies the values of compassion and service.”

Congratulations on the nomination, Jordan. Your team is proud of you, and so are we!

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