Aya Supports Global Health Through UCSD Field Experience Scholarships

December 22, 2022 | Aya in the Community

UC San Diego is one of the first colleges in the U.S. to establish a Global Medical Brigade — a student-run volunteer medical organization. “We travel to developing countries to promote medical sustainability and provide free health care in communities without access to medicine otherwise,” explains Megha Singhal, UCSD Sophomore.

Joining “The Medical Brigade in Panama was an extremely humbling, educational, and inspirational experience,” she continues.

Her team hosted clinical days in several communities. During this time, students shadowed doctors as they diagnosed and treated patients and got to know local families through educational workshops. They learned the limits of pop-up clinics and the need for increased access to care. Unfortunately, they were unable to cure every condition they encountered.

“As someone who comes from an under-resourced country, Global Health has always interested me. When I saw the limited resources available to women and children in terms of sanitation and post-pregnancy care, the clinic furthered my aspiration to work in Global Health as an OB/GYN,” Megha said. “I want to help these women and help develop long-term solutions.”

Students also visited communities across Bali and several provided videos describing their experience and giving advice for future scholars.

Meet Jocelyn Rodas


Meet Sara Moaddeli


Meet Leda Sea


Aya Healthcare is proud to support the UC San Diego Global Health program. We look forward to the bright future these scholars will create, the innovation they will bring to the medical field and the positive impact they will continue to have on communities worldwide.

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