Business insider: The Pandemic Made Travel Nurses the Frontline Heroes Fighting the Virus, But the Work Has Taken a Heavy Toll

Travel nurses have been in high demand all across the US while COVID-19 cases surged through the end of 2020 into January this year. Business Insider spoke with Aya Healthcare president Alan Braynin about the demand, and Aya travel nurse Taylor Dilick on why she wanted to be on the… Read More

Aya travel nurse, Dillon, won a DAISY Award!

Patience and kindness go a long way — and these are virtues that Aya travel nurse, Dillon, has mastered. Dillon was selected as Aya’s most recent DAISY Award winner for going out of his way to treat one his patients with compassion, integrity and thoughtfulness. A travel nurse… Read More

Diversity Recognition: Aya Healthcare Supports San Diego Pride

On July 13, nearly 100 Aya employees and clinicians, along with family and friends, gathered together to promote diversity recognition and celebrate love and equality in the San Diego Pride Parade. The event is the largest single-day civic event in the region and one of the largest Prides in the… Read More

Traveling Nurse Duo Wins DAISY Award for Nonstop Compassionate Care

Friends and traveling nurse duo, Stacey and Kathryn, just won a DAISY Award thanks to their attentiveness and kindness towards a critical patient they shared. Because they worked opposite shifts, they were able to care for the same patient, and they did so with compassion and understanding. Showing DAISY… Read More