Aya travel nurse, Dillon, won a DAISY Award!

November 27, 2019 | Clinician Stories

Patience and kindness go a long way — and these are virtues that Aya travel nurse, Dillon, has mastered. Dillon was selected as Aya’s most recent DAISY Award winner for going out of his way to treat one his patients with compassion, integrity and thoughtfulness.

A travel nurse you can trust

The patient’s family was so grateful for Dillon’s kindness, that they wrote this letter:

Dillon on 14th floor was the most awesome nurse. This man was working with my daughter when she was critically ill. My daughter is mentally challenged but Dillon treated her like any other patient. And I assure you, my daughter pushed the call light very often. Dillon was always there for her with the most pleasant smile and had a friendly approach. Even though she was extremely sick, Dillon was able to put a smile on her face. Dillon was very professional, informative, listened to our concerns and took the time to explain everything to us. I did not learn Dillon’s last name, but I will never forget his first name because of his professionalism and the patience and care he gave my daughter. My daughter had such trust in him. She would light up when he would enter the room. She would tell him stories about things in her life and he took the time to listen and respond. I have had the opportunity to meet many of the employees here and Dillon stands out in my mind as one of your most valued nurses. We we’ve been here almost a month and we’re hoping to be discharged any day. My daughter came in with septic shock and was in the hospital weeks before to remove her kidney (4th procedure) and also had a blood infection. She’s a very lucky 35-year-old lady to have God, prayers, this hospital and all the great staff — especially Dillon, infection control, kidney doctors, surgeons, nurses, nurses’ aides, housekeepers and everyone who helped us in a most difficult time.

Celebrating an exceptional travel nurse

Dillon’s recruiter, Maggie, and Amy from Aya’s travel experience team flew all the way to St. Louis, where Dillon is currently on a travel nurse assignment, to surprise him with his DAISY Award. As is DAISY tradition, they presented his award, official DAISY winner pin and “The Healers Touch” sculpture with coffee and cinnamon rolls! Then they all headed to lunch at Dillon’s favorite spot and checked out the famous St. Louis Arch.

Congratulations, Dillon — we’re so proud to call you an Aya travel nurse and present you with this prestigious award!

Do you know an Aya traveler who consistently shows compassion and goes above-and-beyond with their patient care? Nominate them for a DAISY Award today!

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