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There are currently thousands of open allied healthcare travel jobs across the country. That means we have amazing opportunities for all types of allied health professionals.

Traveling opens you to all kinds of opportunities: high pay, seeing the US, getting your foot in the door at the best hospitals in the country and, of course, making new friends and meeting like-minded professionals. All this while helping where you’re needed most.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities consistently need supplemental allied medical staff. For you, that means job opportunities abound!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open FAQ questionWhy do hospitals open traveling allied jobs?

To put it simply, facilities often have gaps in their staff they need to fill. If you decide to take an allied travel job, you may be there to provide support during times of high census or take over for someone on leave. Some facilities hire travelers on a regular, planned basis to cover their busy seasons.

As the largest healthcare staffing company in the country, we give you access to the most travel allied medical staffing opportunities. And because we have deep relationships with healthcare facilities nationwide, you’re more likely to get the assignment (and the next, and the next, and the next …) you want!

Open FAQ questionWhat traveling allied jobs do you staff?

We have different job openings at different times, but we consistently hire for most types of travel allied health jobs. Our job search allows you to enter your profession and specialty (if applicable) and find jobs that fit your interests and skill set.

Open FAQ questionHow do I become a travel healthcare professional?

Step one is setting up your Aya account. Apply now to begin creating your profile. The more you can fill out, the better we’ll be able to match you to jobs you’ll love. You’ll be assigned a recruiter who’ll work with you, learn more about your goals and come up with a game plan to land your first assignment. From there, your recruiter will help guide your travel career in whatever direction you choose.

Open FAQ questionHow long does it take to hear from a recruiter after I apply?

If we have openings that fit your skill set and interests, we’ll contact you within 24 hours!

Open FAQ questionDo I need to be licensed?

Licensing depends on your profession. Many jobs require a state license. Here are a few examples:

  • RRTs – need to be nationally registered and hold a state license.
  • Lab – must be nationally certified. CA, NY, FL, HI, LA, MT, NV, ND, TN, WV require state licensing.
  • CST – National certification is preferred but not required. Certain states require an additional state license. The following states only recognize the NBSTSA: ID, IN, MA, NV, NJ, NY, SC, OR, TN. TX only recognizes state licensing for surgical first assistants.

Your recruiter can help answer any questions about your specific licensing situation.

Open FAQ questionDoes Aya Healthcare pay for licenses?

We’ll reimburse for any license you need for your first assignment on your initial paycheck. We reimburse additional state licenses for surgical services, respiratory and lab professionals. In many states, we can help expedite your licensure. Your recruiter and credentialing specialist can help you navigate licensing regulations for your profession.

Open FAQ questionHow much experience do I need?

Healthcare facilities set different requirements for allied medical staffing, but in general you need at least 2 years of professional experience, and you need to have worked within the last 12 months in your medical profession/specialty to book a travel job.

Open FAQ questionWhat is the average timeline to hear back after applying for a job?

That depends on your flexibility. Are you willing and able to start a travel assignment right away? If you’re open regarding shift and location, we could have an offer for you as soon as 24 hours after being submitted to a job!

Open FAQ questionWhen should I give my notice to my current hospital?

You need at least two references from supervisors to submit for a travel job. We suggest you wait to give your official notice until you’re offered a contract to sign as its highly unlikely your start date will be sooner than 2 weeks from the time of offer.

Open FAQ questionCan I travel with family, a significant other or friend?

Yes! There are many people who travel with another healthcare professional, a spouse or even multiple friends like Lorato who hit the road with FOUR collogues.

Open FAQ questionCan I travel with a pet?

Of course! Pets are family. You can choose between Aya-provided housing or accept a stipend and find your own. Whatever you choose, we’ll always do our utmost to help. Dogs and cats are common, and we’ve even figured things out for travelers with more unusual pets … like Sunny Rae and her horses Tarreto and Silk.

Open FAQ questionHow far in advance should I apply?

That’s completely up to you. We’ve had travelers, like Jessica, who apply and take a year to decide to accept their first assignment and we have others like Jill who apply and are out the door and on their way almost immediately. If you’re ready to go or will be soon, we recommend you fill out an application right away. That way you’re prepared if the right opportunity comes along. We can always keep your info on file until you’re ready to go!

Open FAQ questionHow long are assignments?

The standard is 13 weeks, but you can find shorter and longer assignments (also called contracts). After you create a profile, you can log in and search based on contract length.

This kind of flexibility is what many people love most about traveling! You can also take breaks between assignments. It’s all up to you.

Open FAQ questionHow do I find housing?

Depending on your assignment details, Aya-offered housing may be an option for your contract. We’ve found that many allied health professionals choose the housing stipend option (if eligible) so they have the autonomy to find housing on their own. Be sure to discuss all options with your recruiter.

Open FAQ questionHow much do allied travel jobs pay?

Pay varies for a variety of reasons. These reasons include specialty, location, benefits, whether a traveler takes company-provided housing and more. And the best news is, you get to choose!

Wondering what jobs in your profession are paying right now? Register today to view open jobs including estimated pay packages and detailed facility information. Everything is updated in real time.

Open FAQ questionDo traveling allied jobs offer benefits?

Absolutely. Aya Healthcare offers many great benefits for travelers. From the first day of your assignment, benefits like medical, dental, vision, insurance plans and sick pay accrual are available. As soon as you work four consecutive months, you’ll be eligible for 401k contributions. Plus, we offer intangibles like front-of-the-line access to exclusive jobs, an expedited licensure program, a support team with designated credentialing experts, free virtual fitness classes and a pizza on your birthday! Learn more on our Pay & Benefits page.

Open FAQ questionWhat if something goes wrong? How will Aya support me?

We give you a dedicated support team full of experts to help with whatever you need. In addition to your recruiter, you’ll have a credentialing specialist, payroll representative and travel experience specialist. We also have a clinical team that can help with any potential issues you have on assignment.

Your team will go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy with everything, down to the tiniest detail of your assignment. Let’s say you’re heading home to Florida from your contract in California when your flight is delayed and you miss your connection. Call us in the middle of the night. We have a 24/7 emergency line and we won’t leave you stranded.

Open FAQ questionHow much orientation will I receive?

Orientation length is different at every facility. You’ll be provided with enough orientation to get the job done, and our clinical support team will help ensure that you’re placed in a facility that best matches your interests and skill set.

Open FAQ questionWhat are the benefits of traveling allied jobs?

Besides the tangible benefits we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of growth that comes with travel.

You’ll make a difference for patients and facilities across the country.

You’ll learn adapt to policies and different ways of doing things at each facility. That way, you’ll be presented with many valuable learning opportunities.

The diverse experience you gain will boost your resume and allow you to climb the clinical ladder.