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Aya 3000 Index

An Index of Travel RN Demand


(As of 8/14/2017)

-375 / -8.84 %

(Change from 8/7/2017)

Distribution of Travel RN Demand by Region (As of 8/14/2017)

Distribution of Travel RN Demand by Specialty (As of 8/14/2017)

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Dynamic customized solutions to meet the contingent workforce needs of your healthcare facility.

Aya Travel Nurse Staffing

Rated #1 by travel nurses.

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Aya Partner Network

Access hundreds of additional agencies through your current Aya process.

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Aya Connect Software

The industry’s easiest-to-use software to automate your workflow.

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Aya Clinical Interviews

Simplify your interview process. Rapidly fill open positions.

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The Aya Managed Service Program

A robust solution to streamline all contract labor hiring, improve fill rates and reduce cost.

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