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You’ve got options!

Whether you want furnished housing provided for you or a housing stipend to find your own place instead, the choice is yours! You may find that Aya-offered housing is best for one assignment while the housing stipend works better for another. It’s okay to switch between housing options from assignment to assignment.

Choose Aya housing and we’ll find you the perfect place.

If you’d rather have one less thing to worry about, this is the option for you. You’ll get a nice place to live without having to lift a finger yourself. You may even live near other traveling nurses – and everyone knows that travel nurses are the best company!

A photo of a living room.
Boise, ID
A row of houses in Del Mar, New York.
Del Mar, NY
A woman sitting on a kitchen counter drinking a coffee.
Kenya, Aya RN
A family in front of a travel camper.
Melissa and Matt, Aya RNs

Take the housing stipend instead and do it yourself.

Some travel nurses are experts at finding housing online. Some prefer living in an RV so they can bring their housing with them wherever they go. Others may want to choose a location that is between work and somewhere else they want to be, like the beach, ski slopes or the big city.

If you enjoy house or apartment hunting or already have your housing set before you begin an assignment, choosing the housing stipend may be your best bet.

Traveling with a pet? No problem!

Just let your recruiter know so our housing team can ensure you and your furry friends find the perfect spot. Read more about Aya travelers who bring their pets along on their assignments.

Aya travel nurses with their pets.

Want to rent your place?

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