Travel Nurse Pay & Benefits

Understand Travel Nurse Salaries and Your Benefits Package

How much do travel nurses make?

Many factors can affect your paycheck. Ultimately, the specialty, location and benefits you choose will affect the amount of money that goes into your pocket. If you are looking to optimize pay, it is good to understand that specialties in high demand pay better rates and that different areas of the country offer different salaries. For instance, a travel L&D nurse in California will make a different amount than a travel med surg nurse in Kentucky.

Many travel nurses bounce around between states and sometimes even specialties, and thus will be paid differently from assignment to assignment. But if dough is the name of the game for you, then we can always find you a high paying job, especially if you remain flexible on location.

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Some of the benefits we offer include a 401k plan with an employer match, license reimbursements, discounts, wellness and nutrition programs and tons of other perks!

You have the option to accept a comprehensive medical, dental and vision plan from the first day you start an assignment with Aya Healthcare. You also have the option to add a spouse and/or dependents to your plan!

Aya Healthcare is one of the only travel nursing agencies that offers sick pay! You will start accruing sick time on the first day of your assignment and earn 1 hour for every 30 hours worked which you can start to use after 90 days.

Where can I make the most money as a travel nurse?

Quite a few factors affect your pay and that includes location and specific demand. Facilities in less popular locations with a high need for travel nurses tend to pay more. But as with any job, there is much more than just pay to consider. When evaluating pay you also have to take into account the cost of living in the area. You can rely on your recruiter and the rest of your Aya Healthcare team for valuable advice.

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