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From the mountains to the city, now headed happily into the unknown…

Bringing Along Family/Friends/Partners, Outdoors Across the U.S.

Aya travel nurse, Sara, is always on the go. She tells us about her exciting future plans as she runs errands around the Windy City. In just a few months, she’ll hit the road with her boyfriend Jeff. After spending over a year with him in the big city, Sara has her sights set on wild places. “Alaska would be fascinating,” she dreams aloud. “Probably tough too, but it would just be so neat.”

“Tough but neat” is a good summary of Sara’s views on both travel nursing and life. It can be nerve-wracking to venture into the unknown, but it’s worth the effort. She explains, “My first time travel nursing I was unsure and a little scared. I was comfortable where I was, but I’m happy I pushed myself because it has made me a more well-rounded nurse.” It was Sara’s grandmother who inspired her to find the courage to embrace new adventures. As an RN and navy wife, she was a travel nurse of sorts herself. Following her grandmother’s lead took Sara from her home in Colorado Springs to Denver, Grand Junction, Portland and currently all the way out to the Mid West.

Love brought Sara to Chicago, where Jeff has lived for the last ten years. As a girl who grew up in the mountains and went to school in Wyoming, the big city wasn’t exactly in her wheelhouse. But she’s discovered that a bustling metropolis offers endless possibilities. She’s found an “awesome” indoor rock climbing gym that gives her a taste of home and has come to really enjoy the distinct culture of each neighborhood: the world-class cuisine, exciting nightlife, even the outdoor scene. For Sara, Chicago is at its best when the weather warms up and people come out of hibernation to overflow the patios of outdoor bars, set up volleyball nets on local beaches and sail on Lake Michigan. It’s meeting those people, as much as new experiences that keep Sara traveling.

In Oregon, Sara met Misty, a native of drizzly Portland (who couldn’t be more perfectly named!). Through Misty, Sara was introduced to an amazing group of people that took her hiking, camping, skiing and even threw her a big going away party when she left. Sara loved exploring the Portland area and all it had to offer, but it was this group of friends that truly touched her heart. Sara advises, “Travel nursing is a great way to meet people from all over. It’s probably my favorite part about it.”

Picking up companions as she goes hasn’t been the only amiable aspect of Sara’s journey thus far. She believes in the importance of having a supportive team in your corner. She says, “Aya really goes the extra mile to make their nurses feel like they aren’t just a number, that they are valued. That is especially important in travel nursing because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. To have people looking out for you is really great.”