Travel nurse, Meghan, gets recognized with her facility’s High Five Award

January 11, 2022 |

Meghan was nominated by her coworker for a High Five Award for demonstrating one of the facility’s values of Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Safety, and/or Teamwork. Read the sweet award letter below:

“Although being a traveler, Meghan quickly realized my need for help during my patient’s rapid decompensation and was such a support for me through my shift. She not only helped me physically with tasks but emotionally/mentally with her support. She has such a radiant personality and genuine heart and I was so lucky to have worked with her that day. Not only did she help me in my clinical processes for a pediatric patient, but was always checking in on my other patient and taking the time to talk to both of my patients’ parents. She checked in on them to see how they were doing and to emotionally support them in whatever ways she could. I didn’t get lunch that day and she was willing to go grab me a snack and drink so I could take a little break. Meghan is a top-tier employee and is the image of what nursing should look like.

Meghan made a big impact on my life. My shift would have been more hectic if it hadn’t been for her. But more so, I believe she impacted the families. Seeing her bright, familiar face and having her kind authenticity around, made parents feel more at ease. It should impact other nurses to see this prime example of teamwork in the workplace and want to embody that.”

Meghan, nurses like you make all the difference for the patients, families and colleagues around you. Thank you for all you do!

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