RN, Shannon Sierra, gets recognized by her patient’s families

January 11, 2022 |

RN, Shannon Sierra, received notes from two of her patients’ family members, recognizing her for her kind demeanor and attentive care.

The daughter of one patient wrote, “Sierra is so attentive to my dad’s needs. On top of his requests about pain relief, she was willing to help try different methods and was always looking ahead to see when he could receive the next dose of pain meds. Sierra also went out of her way to make sure I was okay and ask if I needed anything. Her recognition is highly deserved. Thank you, Sierra!”

The daughter-in-law of another patient wrote, “Sierra went above and beyond to help my mother-in-law. She helped get the right foot supports for her wheelchair for transport to rehab and met many of her other needs with a kind attitude.”

Sierra, your patients and their families appreciate all your hard work — and so do we! Amazing work!

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