Sariah is praised by an Aya employee

October 24, 2023 |

An Aya employee praised Sariah for her kindness and patience while caring for her mother.

The employee wrote, “My mom had brain surgery last week. The surgery went well, but there were complications that caused us to rush her back to the hospital by ambulance. We were blessed with having an Aya traveler, Sariah, as her ER nurse. She was extremely kind and attentive to my mom’s needs and made her ER experience as good as possible given the situation. The hospital was extremely busy, and my mom became very impatient with the time it was taking, but Sariah was extremely kind, patient and reassuring with her. She was confident and knowledgeable. I’ve worked for Aya for almost three years and never met a traveler in the field. It made me proud to be an Aya employee.”

A truly awe-inspiring story. Thank you for your great work, Sariah.

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