Meghan receives a DAISY Award nomination

October 24, 2023 |

A fellow RN nominated Meghan for a DAISY award for her dedication and thoughtfulness for a young patient.

The RN wrote, “As a travel nurse, Meghan is frequently at new facilities, and at every new hospital system, she stands out and wins the hearts of patients and their families. Recently, Meghan connected with a family struggling with a difficult diagnosis and treatment plan. Meghan noticed the care plan did not meet the needs of this patient, so she advocated and worked with doctors to create a plan that better suited the patient. Thanks to Meghan’s intervention, the patient received a wonderful plan that met her needs. The compassionate care and connection she developed with this patient and her family was amazing. The parents went out of their way to express how wonderful Meghan was in that difficult time, and the trust and relief they felt when Meghan walked into the room to care for them.”

Way to go Meghan! Keep up the great work.

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