Beyond the call of duty: Aya traveler Adrian saves a life

October 9, 2020 |

Adrian received a very sweet letter from the brother of a patient whose life he helped save.

The brother wrote, “I wanted to take the time to give a special thank you to Adrian for his quick response to the saving of my sister’s life. While I was in her room my sister began having a major seizure and I immediately ran out of her room and told Adrian what was happening. It was his quick response and split second decision prompting a ‘rapid response.’ He remained calm and began the necessary steps to ensure the saving of my sister’s life.

It is times like this when you realize just how fragile life really is. We are all too quick to point out someone’s fault, but not so quick to compliment someone when they go above the call of duty. I found the staff to be above expectations and extremely polite and efficient. The lady you guys saved happens to be one of the world’s best sisters a man could ever have. Thank you for your service.”

What an inspiring story! Thank you, Adrian, for staying cool, calm and collected to ensure you did what it took to save a life.

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