Aya traveler, Tonya, is a phenomenal leader

October 9, 2020 |

Aya traveler Tonya was nominated for the “Spirit of Nursing Award” at her current facility by her shift coordinator with the following commentary, “Tonya is fully invested in our patients, as every day she works I have witnessed her making sure ALL of our patients are receiving the best care possible. She advocates for these patients by following up with physicians, lab, radiology, etc., until the patient gets what they need. Tonya displays excellent critical thinking skills and is quick to intervene when patients are declining. She is a phenomenal leader, often taking the Charge Nurse role, and goes out of her way to provide words of encouragement to staff daily. Additionally, Tonya thinks outside the box and often offers suggestions for improving processes and patient care. She is a great asset to our team.”

We love hearing how our travelers go above-and-beyond the call of duty for their patients — amazing job, Tonya!

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