Aya traveler, Shaba, saved his colleague’s life

February 19, 2021 |

RN Shaba’s quick thinking and action resulted in saving the life of a facility staff member! He’s been praised and thanked by management throughout the facility. Read their comments below:

His Nurse Director stated, “Shaba, an ICU traveler, is being recognized by all senior leaders and staff at our facility. Shaba walked in this morning to a staff member down on the ground.  Shaba did not hesitate to react – he immediately started CPR and saved this staff member’s life! The facility….and the entire organization…. are so proud of him and so thankful he is here!!”

In addition, one of his managers said, “I cannot tell you how much Shaba is being recognized at this time! The physician on the case said, had Shaba not arrived and acted immediately, this person would not have survived! I can’t tell you how thankful we are for Shaba and to let you know he is an amazing nurse!”

Shaba, there are no words to describe how proud we are of you. We’re incredibly lucky to have you on our team.

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