AnnMarie received a DAISY Award!

February 10, 2021 |

Aya RN, AnnMarie, received the DAISY Award for going above and beyond to ensure a patient received their medication. This amazing honor was accompanied by a compliment from a nurse educator at her facility. Read the nomination and shout out below.

“A patient was newly on medication and must have the evening dose [and I had misplaced it]. Miraculously, it was not long before Ann Marie returned my call … she had taken the trouble to search for and to find the packet containing the pills! A security guard had picked it up where I must have unknowingly dropped it in the lobby earlier. By this time, it was dark outside, snow falling and covering the road and sidewalk outside the window. As I had been cautioned not to leave the patient alone, it would be difficult for me to come and get the pills. ‘Where do you live?’ Ann Marie asked. ‘When I have finished work, I can drop the pills at your house on my way home.’ She did this with a smile, snow still falling at 8:00 p.m. The patient, having been a primary care physician who made many house calls, very much appreciates, along with me, the very human aspect of this above and beyond response by AnnMarie.”

Her nurse educator at the facility complimented AnnMarie as well, stating, “The award couldn’t go to a better nurse. We think of her as one of our own. She’s an awesome nurse. I teach college students clinical on her floor and it is always a pleasure to have her be one of the nurses they are working with. I wish they were all like her.”

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