A coworker nominates Karly for a DAISY Award

February 15, 2023 |

A colleague nominated Karly for a DAISY Award for being an incredible healthcare hero for patients and an absolute rock for her colleagues.

The coworker wrote, “Karly was such a ray of sunshine on our unit. She was always the first one to dive into a situation and help whoever needed it and never shied away from an emergency. She is such an amazing nurse to her patients. One time she had a patient who wanted a specific snack after giving birth, and Karly went out of her way to bring her exactly what she wanted when she came back the next day. Another time, I walked into the operating room to help Karly with an emergency C-section, and with all of the chaos and adrenaline rushing around the room, Karly stayed at her patient’s side. The rest of us in the OR were prepping the patient for surgery, and Karly stood at the tearful patient’s head, stroking her hair, telling her we were going to take great care of her and her baby and we had everything handled. Karly was that patient’s rock at that moment as the rest of us were preparing for the surgery. She made the patient feel safe at a time when things were so far out of her control. I can only imagine how thankful that patient was to have Karly as her nurse. As a newer traveler, I will always do my best to be the ‘Karly’ at every hospital I travel to!”

Kelly, you truly exemplify what it means to provide quality care to your patients. Congratulations on the nomination!

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