Family’s Heartfelt Thank You Results in DAISY Award

March 29, 2019 | Clinician Stories

Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. And providing compassionate care is worth more than receiving an award.

The Award

Aya travel nurse Yinessa recently took extraordinary care of a patient in the neuro ICU. That patient’s family nominated her for a DAISY Award. She earned it.  

Her efforts on behalf of this patient, a 32-year-old woman who suffered a stroke, went far beyond the medical. That’s not unusual for Yinessa. She routinely does extra little things, like braid her patients’ hair. In this case, that simple act transported the woman’s family to happier times. When the patient was strong and healthy, she wore her hair in braids to play volleyball.

The Keepsake

Perhaps the most memorable gift Yinessa gave this patient’s family was a literal work of art.

A tattoo artist and painter outside of her work as an RN, Yinessa combined those talents to capture a memory. She searched through her patient’s Facebook page to find the happiest image she could. Then, she rendered that image in pen and ink.

A Family’s Gratitude

The patient’s family had this to say when they nominated Yinessa: She took the time to draw a beautiful sketch that captured her spirit as if she knew her personally. It is hard to describe in words how much this has meant to the family. The sketch provides us with a sense of comfort. Not only was this thoughtful and displayed a level of empathy that I have not witnessed before, Yinessa is an incredible artist.

Yinessa also took the time to provide caring words throughout the difficult time and shared her own grief experiences in a way that was not intrusive but compassionate and so very helpful.

It is these qualities that make Yinessa stand out, above and beyond, what can be expected of most nurses. She truly is a gem and should be recognized for her excellent work.

A Travel RN’s Heartfelt Philosophy

Fittingly, Yinessa was recognized for her work. The DAISY Award is a true testament to her clinical abilities and caring heart. Yinessa’s own words best summarize the attitude that earned her the honor.

She believes, “Whatever your job is DONT TAKE IT LIGHTLY. You never know how your smile may brighten someone’s day or how your talent can shine a light in the darkest room.”

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