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You may be aware that cath lab techs assist with various cardiovascular procedures like angioplasty, cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology. But did you know that these skills are needed across the country? And cath lab tech travel jobs can be incredibly rewarding. As a travel cath lab tech, you’ll impact patient outcomes nationwide.

Cath Lab Tech Requirements

  • Required education: Associate degree or higher in x-ray or cardiovascular technology
  • Required certifications to travel: ARRT or RCIS and BLS certification
  • Other requirements: Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) test (recommended)
  • Projected job growth* (2014-2024): 22% for cardiovascular technologists and technicians

*According to the Bureau of Labor statistics.

Cath Lab Tech Travel Jobs

Healthcare facilities rely on travelers for many reasons, so cath lab tech jobs are plentiful. A hospital near a ski resort may have more patients during the winter than the summer and need help during their busy season. Or, a staff tech might go on maternity leave and need a travel cath lab tech to cover. Whatever the reason, healthcare facilities across the USA are always looking for qualified travelers. We update our job list every day, so make sure to check our open cath lab tech travel jobs frequently.

We have cath lab tech travel jobs available nationwide, so check them out and decide where you want to go!

Cath Lab Tech Salary

Cath lab tech salaries vary at different facilities and range across the country. Generally, cath lab tech travel jobs pay well. For more information on salary ranges in different areas of the country, contact us to chat with a recruiter. We also offer premium medical, dental, vision and life insurance starting the first day of your travel assignment, a 401(k) match as well as travel and licensing reimbursements. Plus, there are the intangibles like that warm feeling you get from helping hospitals, and thus patients, in need!

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Cath Lab Tech Austin, Texas Details
Cath Lab Tech Austin, Texas Details
Cath Lab Tech Austin, Texas Details
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Cath Lab Tech Spotlight

Jeffrey, Aya Cath Lab Tech

Jeffrey, Aya Cath Lab Tech

A large hospital bought out the facility I worked at for 30+ years. So, I “retired” and started traveling.

My first assignment was in Munster, Indiana. It’s a great area, 20-25 minutes from Chicago, 40 minutes from Michigan and an hour from Wisconsin. I took it because it was the first job I was offered, and I was nervous it would be hard to find jobs. But it hasn’t been hard at all.

As far as moving between hospitals, not much is different about the actual cath lab tech job. There are little differences here and there, but with a day or two of training, you can pretty much jump right in.

What I like most about cath lab, no matter where I am, is that it’s a new patient every hour or two and every patient is different. Even if it’s the same procedure over and over, there’s always something a little different about it. When you help save somebody, help stop somebody from having a heart attack or a stroke it’s very rewarding.

The cath lab tech job has changed dramatically in my 33 years. I used to have to go to the darkroom to develop x-rays. There have been more changes than you can imagine. There were things on my last certification that weren’t even invented when I was in school. I’ve stayed because I enjoy it.

And I like traveling because you can learn from anybody and everybody. Like John Wooden said, “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”

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