What is
Travel Nursing?

Want to get paid to see the country, hone your clinical skills, advance your career and make a difference? It’s time to give travel nursing with Aya Healthcare a try!

As a travel nurse, you can choose your own adventure. Do glittering city lights call your name? Then head anywhere from The Big Apple to The Big Easy! Are you more of a nature guy or gal? Maybe whitewater rafting down the Colorado River or hiking through the Redwoods of Big Sur are for you. And if relaxation is the name of your travel game, then grab your flip-flops and kick back on the white sands of a Miami beach. With positions in all 50 states, the possibilities with Aya are endless.

Healthcare facilities rely on Aya to provide travel nurses for many reasons. A hospital near a ski resort may have more patients during the winter than the summer and need travel nurses to help during their busy season. A hospital might implement a new computer charting system and need travel nurses to handle their patient load while their staff undergoes training. Or, a staff nurse might go on maternity leave and need a travel nurse to cover. Whatever the reason, healthcare facilities across the USA are always looking for qualified travelers.

When you’re an Aya Healthcare travel nurse the entire country is your playground, your inspiration, your home. And with {{ jobsCount ? (jobsCount | number): "over 5,000" }} open jobs across the nation, your opportunities are virtually endless.

Travel Happy With Aya! Apply Now!