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Per Diem Staffing

Save on costs and time with Aya’s tech-driven per diem staffing

Aya Healthcare simplifies per diem staffing by providing you with the clinical and non-clinical talent you need to quickly adapt to dynamic changes such as increased census or unexpected gaps in coverage. Our tech-enabled services make recruiting, managing and scheduling per diem staffing easy and efficient. Facilities using Aya’s platform experience improved labor utilization, greater visibility and cost savings.

Experience the Aya Difference today!

  • Regionalized staffing hubs of ready-to-work RNs, LPNS, CNAs, as well as non-clinical support, across a variety of specialties who are vetted and licensed
  • Digital platforms with mobile app capabilities for seamless booking on-the-go
  • Operational support to receive, post and fill shift assignments so you don’t have to
  • No exclusive contract or guaranteed hours, simply use and pay as you go
  • Flexible coverage with real-time market-validated rates = significant cost-savings

Let us grow and manage your per diem talent pool

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