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Find high-paying PCU nurse jobs nationwide with Aya Healthcare and take your PCU RN career to the next level. Apply now.

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Brittany R., Healthcare Professional

Access PCU Nursing Jobs Nationwide

Aya Healthcare is the largest healthcare staffing agency in the nation. Over the years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of nurses find their ideal PCU nursing jobs, and we’d love to help you, too! Are you looking for travel nurse jobs? Or perhaps permanent or per diem jobs near you? Whatever you’re looking for, Aya Healthcare has PCU nurse job openings for your next career step.

First time searching for nursing jobs with Aya Healthcare? Don’t sweat it! Our extensive team of recruiting, credentialing, staffing, payroll, clinical and clinician experience experts is the best in the industry. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you as you find the perfect PCU nurse job.

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I worked with Aya Healthcare for about a year and a half, prior to that i was a staff nurse in CT for 7 years. I almost quit nursing before I started working with Aya Healthcare. The company actually checks in with you regularly to see how you are doing and makes you feel appreciated! the recruiters and staff are there to help you every step of the way. If you are looking for a recruiter ask for Monica Hamilton, she is the best. Some recruiters can be pushy, or talk to much, or give you too much information, but Monica gives you what you just what you need to know. She will match you with exactly what you want, she's consistent, timely with responses and her team she works with are all equally supportive. She's a friend without requiring any upkeep lol. I ended up taking a staff position and she was excited and happy for me. Thank you Monica and Aya Healthcare for everything.
Amie N. PCU RN

Aya Healthcare - Plane Icon What PCU Travel Nurse Jobs are available?

Take your skills on the road, develop your talents and gain vital experience while meeting new people, exploring new places and making a positive impact across the nation.

As a PCU travel nurse, you can explore various nursing job opportunities across the United States with Aya Healthcare. Aya Healthcare offers a vast job database, making it easy to find your ideal PCU nursing job. We also provide travel resources and a dedicated team of recruiting, credentialing, payroll and travel experience experts to support you whenever you need.

To find a PCU nursing job with Aya Healthcare, just complete your profile, then start searching for PCU nurse job openings. You can use filters to set specific parameters and save your search to receive alerts when matching jobs become available. We can even help you expedite the licensing process and streamline compliance requirements, ensuring you’re ready to start on time.

Aya Healthcare offers an array of benefits for travel nurses, including a 401(k) plan (once eligible), competitive travel nurse salary, insurance options, free CEUs and more. We’ll even send pizza if you’re working on your birthday. If you’re interested in exploring PCU travel nursing jobs, sign up with Aya Healthcare and start your search today!

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Aya Healthcare - Calendar icon How Can I Find A Permanent Position For PCU Nurse Jobs?

Settle down without settling with a permanent position at a leading hospital or healthcare organization.

Aya Healthcare is not just an agency for travel nurses. It’s also the largest healthcare staffing agency in the nation, with established relationships with top hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States. If you’re interested in permanent PCU nurse jobs near you, Aya Healthcare’s team of industry-leading recruiters can help you find and secure an offer faster than doing it on your own.

To find permanent PCU nurse jobs, complete your profile, filter your search for permanent positions and click “I’m Interested.” A recruiter will contact you to discuss your ideal position and assist you through the entire recruitment process, from coordinating interviews to preparing for your first day on the job. Your recruiter will be your #1 fan, supporting, advocating and assisting you with anything you need.

Aya Healthcare’s recruitment team is experienced and can help you prepare for interviews, provide resume advice, work with facility hiring teams to prioritize your application, gather immediate interview feedback, facilitate salary negotiation and secure offer decisions.

If you’re ready to find your next job as a PCU nurse, meet with a recruiter from Aya Healthcare today and start your journey toward your next job.

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Map pin icon What per diem PCU nurse jobs are available?

Take control of your career with per diem opportunities that enable you to work when and where you want, improve your professional skills, supplement your income and more!

Aya Healthcare offers per diem PCU nurse jobs, including exclusive jobs, that enable PCU nurses to take control over their careers. If you’re interested in flexible work hours and weekly paychecks, sign up with Aya Healthcare today to find PCU nurse positions near you.

To get started with per diem, complete a profile and search for PCU nurse job openings near you. With just one click, you can express interest in a job, and our team will handle the rest, keeping you updated on any compliance or credentialing requirements. We even schedule mandatory labs or orientation meetings before your first day on the job.

With Aya Healthcare, you can work as many per diem shifts as you want, and you can even add extra shifts during a travel assignment. You can manage your per diem schedule through our mobile app, Shifts. We also offer competitive pay, weekly payments every Friday, a 401(k) plan and accrued sick time.

Sign up today with Aya Healthcare to find per diem PCU nurse jobs near you.

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Map pin icon What Factors Can Influence A Permanent PCU Nurse Salary?

Salaries for PCU travel nurses, per diem PCU nurses and permanent PCU nurses can vary depending on many factors, such as location and facility. At Aya Healthcare, we are committed to providing our PCU nurses the most competitive rates in the industry.

It’s also important to consider the benefits offered in addition to your weekly pay when looking at PCU nurse job openings. Aya Healthcare offers a wide range of benefits for different types of contracts, and facilities also offer their own unique benefits for staff nursing jobs. Knowing the benefits a position provides can help you make an informed decision about whether or not to apply for it.

Additionally, the regions with the highest-paying nursing jobs can change over time. Because you have the flexibility to choose where you work with Aya Healthcare, you can keep yourself updated on the top-paying regions and express interest in positions that offer a competitive PCU nurse salary.

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