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Nursing Jobs in Louisiana


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Discover Nursing Jobs in Louisiana

Spanish moss drips from Louisiana trees like Creole words drip from the tongue. Life’s pace runs a little slower here, and nowhere do they know how to enjoy themselves more than in the Big Easy. If one sound represents New Orleans it’s the bright music of the brass band. Dance your way down Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras (or any other day of the year!), and dine on sumptuous cuisine: mouthwatering beignets, spicy gumbo or a po’boy full of fresh seafood. Relax on the picturesque Mississippi River with the city’s signature drink, a Sazerac, and watch the steamboats go by as the sun sets behind them.

The state’s capital, Baton Rouge, bursts with Louisiana culture and history. Take a walk along the Mississippi River bank and make a pit stop at any of the surrounding restaurants, shops or entertainment venues. Nearby, the Old State Capital building tops a cliff with views of the Mississippi river. Visit this historic landmark to marvel at the gothic architecture and dive into the state’s complex history.

Louisiana isn’t all big cities. For those that seek peace and quite away from the bright lights, the Bayou State has a lot to offer. Biking, boating, camping, fishing, hiking and tours of the bayou landscape are enough to satisfy even the most intrepid outdoorsman or woman. The Louisiana wetlands are home to some of the U.S.’s tallest birds, including the great blue heron and the great egret, as well as armadillos and bears. You may even see two eyes of the American Alligator break the surface of the swampy water.