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Nursing Jobs in California


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Discover Nursing Jobs in California

We can help you expedite the process in California, which is one of the highest paying and most sought after destinations and thus has longer than average wait times.

Every cliché you’ve heard about California is true. The sun shines on the southern beaches all year long and people flock to surf, swim or suntan the day away. The stars of the silver screen roam free in Los Angeles where outfits are swanky and the restaurants world famous.

San Francisco’s culture and culinary scenes are scintillating and the vibrant townhouses are picture perfect. The Golden Gate Bridge is stunning in itself, but the way the structure spans across the bay is breath taking. You can marvel at this landmark by bike, boat, car, on foot or from the comfort of a picnic in a nearby park. Keep a close eye on the water and you might spot sea lions, dolphins or even whales.

Napa’s wines thrill the palate for both the wine connoisseur and the casual weekend wine taster. Vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see and combine with rolling hills for spectacular views. If wine isn’t your calling, the region also offers olive oil tasting, hikes, world-class restaurants, spas and art galleries.

The Redwood and Sequoia National Parks in northern California contain not only the tallest trees on the planet, but the largest living organism in the world – General Sherman – a 275 foot tall sequoia. Views of sun rays peaking through the canopy of leaves and fog spilling over the hills will stop you in your tracks.

We aren’t just biased because we are lucky enough to have Aya’s corporate headquarters in San Diego. California really is one of the most dynamic and diverse places on the planet. We bask in perfect weather, surf in the morning, ski in the afternoon and dance the night away in any number of locales that make up the vibrant social scene. The Golden State lives up to its nickname not just because of the riches that were buried beneath the soil, but because every second you spend here is rich with opportunity.