Every COVID shift is just surviving. You're walking out of there feeling drained, yet you also feel like, 'Did I do anything at all?'

Our healthcare workforce had the monumental task of caring for communities during an unprecedented time. They lacked the equipment, staffing, and resources and worked tirelessly to effectively care for patients.

Now, many are burned out and quitting, further deepening workforce shortages and leaving healthcare leaders wondering how to move forward and repair their workforce.

The Pandemic Has Dramatically Impacted Nurses

Happiness levels in nursing have plunged during the pandemic.

-27% Veteran Travelers*
-3% New Travelers*
-21% Core Nurses*
Veteran Travelers

Nurses who worked as a travel nurse prior and during the pandemic.

New Travelers

Nurses who first worked as a travel nurse during the pandemic.

Core Nurses

Nurses who have a staff position at a hospital with no prior travel nursing experience

So We Asked...

  • What impact has the pandemic had on their work environment?
  • How has the pandemic altered their career paths?
  • What factors influence nurses' career decisions?

What We Found...

  • The emotional impact of the pandemic is extensive, and nurses need psychological support.
  • All nurses were happy before the pandemic. Nurses with the lowest happiness levels are more likely to seek travel nurse assignments.
  • Financial compensation is a common driver for all nurses.
  • Helping people is the primary motivator to being a nurse.
The case for effective nurse retention strategies has never been more important.

Here Are Some Steps We Can Take Now...

  • Heal and advance mental health and well-being.
  • Understand each employee’s current happiness and stress level.
  • Get back to the "why."
"Helping people is why I became a nurse, to comfort them, make them less scared and put a smile on their face."
Mind the Gap: Repairing the US Healthcare Workforce

Leadership Presentations And Workshops

Healthcare staffing won’t get any easier.
Workforce strategies focused on recruitment and retention are essential.

Aya's clinical leaders can help with actionable solutions to heal and advance the workforce.
April Hansen, MSN, RN Group President, Workforce Solutions
Carol Tuttas, PhD, RN Clinical Manager

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