Zach is nominated for a DAISY Award

May 22, 2023 |

Zach was nominated for a DAISY Award for delivering quality, relationship-based nursing care and ensuring the comfort and happiness of a patient and their family.

A patient’s spouse wrote, “We were blessed with many wonderful nurses, as well as all of the staff that cared for my husband, but Zach was especially patient and attentive. The care he gave was personalized and compassionate. My husband felt he had an advocate. Zach was approachable and fully explained all the procedures. He never made my husband feel like he was a burden or an inconvenience — an altruistic trait that truly made all the difference during the time my husband needed it most. The effort Zach put in to make sure my husband felt cared for is something for which my family will always be grateful.”

Your patients and their families appreciate your quality care, Zach. Congratulations on the DAISY Award nomination!

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