Traveler, Andrea, receives a sweet patient note

May 6, 2022 |

RN, Andrea received a special thank you note from a patient for her compassionate care.

The patient wrote, “I want to take the opportunity to share my positive experience with Andrea in the infusion clinic. I have recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was in for my second Thyrogen shot. She asked if I was okay and I truly felt she cared. Of course, I broke down, and in short, she comforted me with the perfect words … So many times we only hear of bad experiences, but this time I have only the highest of regards for Andrea.”

This note was followed by praise from her manager, who added, “Andrea, I’m so proud of the comments regarding your recent patient interaction! Thank you for being such a great nurse! Our patients benefit not only from your skilled nursing care but also from your ability to look at the patient as a whole. Providing support to a cancer patient and drawing from your own experience meant so much to this patient. This is just one example of the many instances of stellar care you provide to our patients and it’s appreciated more than you know!”

Way to demonstrate extraordinary patient care, Andrea!


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