Travel nurse, Audrey, receives praise from three different people

July 18, 2022 |

Three different individuals recognized Audrey for her embodiment of top-notch nursing.

A nurse manager thanked Audrey for her quick thinking in a serious situation. She explained, “We had a serious safety incident where one of our patients was trying to attack another patient. If it weren’t for Audrey’s quick thinking and actions, I don’t know what would have happened, but her intervention kept our patients safe. It’s a pleasure to have her on our unit. She is an amazing nurse who is well loved by her patients and team. She always advocates for our patients and delivers high standards of care. We are very grateful to have her with us.”

A patient also nominated Audrey for a DAISY Award. He wrote, “Audrey has made my stay very relaxed and enjoyable, and she answered my questions to the best of her knowledge. She was helpful in many ways and went above and beyond for my care. Hospitals need more people like her.”

 Lastly, Audrey’s recruiter recognized her. She said, “Audrey has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. She is passionate and enthusiastic when you talk to her about her job. It’s great to work with travelers who take their assignments seriously and care about their career moves. Anyone would be lucky to have Audrey at their facility.”

That’s some high praise, Audrey! Keep up the good work!

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