Team Player Wows Her Unit Manager

September 21, 2018 |

Lyndsey is a long-time travel nurse currently working in San Diego, California, in the PACU. She is known for being a skilled clinician, building outstanding patient relationships and being an amazing team player. During a recent busy shift, the nursing team was working diligently to keep up with admissions. Lyndsey stepped up to support her unit by taking on a third patient, which allowed her coworker to cover admissions and keep the PACU running smoothly. Her manager was impressed that she took on extra work to allow the unit to run efficiently while never sacrificing patient care. The manager contacted us to express what a pleasure it is working with Lyndsey. Aya already knows that Lyndsey is a stellar traveler, but it’s always amazing to hear how she is impacting each facility she visits. We are lucky to work with you, Lyndsey!

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