Superb RN, Cody, takes great care of his patients

April 5, 2021 |

Aya RN, Cody, made a big impression on one of his patients. Read how Cody’s excellent care made this patient’s ER visit better:

“I recently needed to visit an emergency room. I was worried about the experience I would have visiting any ER. However, I found my fears to be unfounded; the staff that night were caring, understanding, attentive, and informative. While I do not wish to diminish any of the efforts of the other staff members I interacted with, I would like to say that Cody was superb. He had a wonderful manner and was willing to help me understand specifically what he was doing. While his badge states he is a contractor, it would only be to the benefit of the hospital were you to find a way to keep him as a permanent member of the staff.” 

Not only did Cody impress his patients, but he was also recognized by his facility nurse manager, who said, “Cody has been such a pleasure to have on our team and will definitely be missed.”

We’re so proud to have travelers like you, Cody! Great job!


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