Stacie wins a DAISY Award

July 28, 2023 |

Stacie won the DAISY Award after a patient’s spouse nominated her for the high-quality, relationship-based clinical care she provided.

The patient’s spouse wrote, “My wife was admitted after surgery, and Stacie provided care on multiple overnight shifts for us. There is an expectation of medical proficiency in nursing, but Stacie delivered much more, with an attitude of caring for the ‘whole person.’ She was the most gentle caregiver we have ever experienced and brought a calming presence. We never felt like she was rushing through our care to attend to other duties or patients. I have a feeling that we were not a special case, and that she provides this amazing level of care to all her patients. Thank you, Stacie, for advancing the healing journey for my wife!”

Congratulations on winning a DAISY Award, Stacie! The whole team is proud of you and your awe-inspiring achievement.

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