Shirley and Melody are nominated for DAISY Awards

March 8, 2024 |

A patient nominated Shirley and Melody for a DAISY Award.

The patient said, “I’ve spent 28 years working in four hospitals in the United States. I’ve also been a licensed EMT. During that time, whether working or being a patient, I’ve known the nursing profession first-hand. It wasn’t until I was recently a patient that I discovered the epitome of what nurses should be, and those nurses’ names are Shirley and Melody. They stand out in the crowd as they lead the nursing profession by example. They were caring, personable and genuinely nice and they embodied the values of the nursing profession. They clearly define the depth and breadth of their commitment as nurses in their work ethic and with their calm, reassuring demeanor. Shirley took the time to tell me exactly what she was going to do, and Melody was quick to act when I was dizzy after the anesthesia. I believe the Nursing Mission Statement says to act with integrity, respect, transparency and humility in all they do. These two nurses embody all these things. What a team! Thank you Shirley and Melody for your kindness, compassion and dedicated commitment to nursing.”

Shirley and Melody, your quality care makes all the difference for your patients. Thank you for all that you do!

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