Sarah receives a DAISY Award nomination

October 2, 2023 |

A patient nominated Sarah for a DAISY Award for her compassionate and thoughtful care during a frightening experience.

The patient said, “I was recently hospitalized due to a FIB event. I had never experienced this before and was frightened, short of breath and unsure if I would ever recover. The team of nurses in the ICU treated me with great care and warmth. Sarah really stood out. She not only expressed interest in taking care of my physical well-being but also my spiritual well-being. She recognized I was anxious about my symptoms and offered kind advice. She studied my condition, brought me her medical book and a highlighter and made suggestions with the physician’s approval on how I could improve my sleep and heart health. While waiting for my heart to get back into rhythm, Sarah calmed me with her words. She checked on me, chatted with me and provided amazing care. My heart went back into rhythm, and she came into my room to cheer with me. Sarah thoughtfully reviewed my discharge papers with me and ensured I understood the next steps. She treated me like a close friend. Although I hope not to be admitted to the ICU again, I know if Sarah were there, I would be in great hands.”

Congratulations, Sarah! Your compassionate care makes all the difference in your patients’ lives.

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