Sara was nominated for a DAISY Award!

October 29, 2020 |

Sara, Aya Labor and Delivery RN, was nominated for a Daisy award and received remarkable feedback from her charge nurse for handling a life-changing event for a first-time mom giving birth! Read the nomination below:

“I was the charge nurse on the L&D floor the night that Sara, Sharrie, and I were working with a first-time mom…[Things weren’t progressing as hoped and] instead of giving up on the patient, Sara and Sharrie changed the patients’ position every 30 min to put her in positions (difficult due to her epidural) that would aid the baby coming down in the pelvis. In the end, Sara and Sharrie single-handedly saved this patient from having a primary cesarean. She had a healthy baby vaginally. This may not sound like much, however, CMQCC developed a quality measure to decrease the Cesarean birth rate. [These nurses] changed the future of this patient’s obstetric history and her future children.”

Thank you, Sara, for giving your all for your patients. We’re honored to have you on our team.

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