Sandy receives a DAISY Award

October 5, 2023 |

Sandy won a DAISY award after a patient nominated her after being brightened by Sandy’s engaging care!

The patient wrote, “Sandy was my nurse for multiple days, which would have seemed like so much longer if not for her incredibly engaging care. Beyond her exceptional medical attitude and personality, she also engaged with her patients through personal and downright interesting conversations, not to mention her relatable yet sophisticated sense of humor. With her bright personality, she could light up the room atmosphere just by entering — trust me, I found out through personal experience. Sandy is extremely go-to when it comes to caring for patients. She was so excited to switch my IV from my inner elbow to my wrist just so I was as comfortable as possible in an overwhelming hospital environment. She reassured me she would always bring my medication on time because she hated the idea of someone laying in bed hurting or being nauseous when she knew she could do something about it. Her professionalism and compassion go above and beyond and is an incredible inspiration. So many people learn from her example — I know I sure have. She deserves the best for her work and compassion in the medical field! Everyone that has experienced her care is extremely lucky whether they know it or not!”

Congratulations on the award, Sandy! Keep up the good work!

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