Samantha wins a DAISY Award

June 1, 2023 |

Samantha won the DAISY Award for her efforts to go above and beyond with her care and the impact she had on this family’s experience.

The patient wrote, “I arrived at the ER with my dehydrated, vomiting 5 year old. I brought her little sisters along ( ages 3 and 1), as my husband was working and my parents were in California. We were quite the large crew! After my daughter got hooked up to an IV, my youngest started vomiting all over the room, and my 3 year old followed soon after. It was complete chaos! This is where Sam came in. Not only was she their nurse, helping with the medical side of things, but she also acted like a family member during this wild night. She cleaned with me, gave me scrubs to wear and even helped me carry my kids to a different room for a more spacious setup. She watched them while I used the bathroom or changed my scrubs. She coordinated so many logistics for us and went above and beyond in a plethora of ways. I honestly could not have managed without her. I can truly say I will never forget Sam. She is truly an amazing, compassionate, smart and confident nurse, and I knew we were in the best hands with her on our team. I cannot recommend her for this award enough.”

Congratulations on winning the DAISY Award, Sam! Your compassionate care truly makes a difference in your patients’ lives.

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