RN, Rosalyn, is a hero for her patients in the OR!

August 9, 2021 |

After crushing it at her facility, RN, Rosalyn, was recognized for her contribution to her team in an email sent to the staff, which said, “Rosalyn, an OR nurse, has been recognized by several physicians for her vigilance and dedication to patient safety during surgery. In the words of one of the surgeons, ‘She was a hero for the patient!’”

On top of this praise, her recruiter also added, “Rosalyn has been an AMAZING traveler with me for the past five years. She’s worked with me everywhere she’s gone and she ALWAYS gets praise from her units. She has won other awards throughout her career while taking care of a full household of kiddos. She is absolutely the best!”

Because of all her hard work, Rosalyn was also awarded the opportunity to attend the Global Surgical Conference and Expo 2021 in Orlando.

Rosalyn, you’re an exceptional nurse and we’re so proud to have you on our team!



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