RN, Caitlin, wins a DAISY Award!

March 8, 2022 |

Aya traveler, Cat, received a DAISY Award for demonstrating what it means to be a nurse and leaving a positive impact on her patient.

The patient wrote, “Cat, as a person and as a professional, embraces all of the exemplary characteristics set forth for the DAISY Award. She’s skilled, empathetic, patient, kind, thoughtful and communicates on a level that transfers and creates hope for the distraught patient. When I entered the hospital, I was scared, felt helpless and as if my life was in a downward spiral. Cat’s constant attentiveness, first to my illness, and then practical measures needed to help me recover and to the broader scope of mind and body healing, opened up the opportunity for complete healing and allowed me to leave the hospital ready to tackle any new or continuing challenges. Her maturity, her intelligence, her willingness to open up her own vulnerabilities, all contributed to my success. Not only has Cat helped me, but by sharing with me, she has positioned me to be more sensitive to others and carry forward her beautiful talents. Thank you, Cat!”

Congratulations on this well-deserved award, Cat!

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