RN, Bob, gets a special shout out

October 21, 2021 |

Aya traveler, Bob, received special thanks from his patient’s parent after providing exceptional care to his son. Read the sweet shout out below:

Kudos to nurse Bob in the ER. Last night, we brought my 5-year-old son in and Bob was amazing with him. By the time we walked out, he was smiling and feeling so much better. Bob, keep doing what you do, you’re awesome at it!”

In addition, Bob’s recruiter sang his praise, sharing, “I absolutely love working with Bob! We’ve worked together on numerous assignments and he always shows up with his passion for nursing, his amazing attitude and flexibility, and he can get along with anyone. He’s a huge team player. Keep up the good work!”

Bob expressed his gratitude for these shout outs and gave a shout out of his own to his lovely wife, Tina, who accompanies him on his travels. Bob shared, “I have an awesome life. Without this amazing woman, my best friend, wife and partner in crime I wouldn’t be able to be a travel nurse!”

Bob, we’re so glad you found your passion and so proud of what an amazing nurse you are!

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