Queenie is praised by a colleague

November 2, 2022 |

A colleague praised Queenie for her skillset and credited her for making their work experience enjoyable.

The colleague said, “I’ve been working at the facility for a month, and I have to say the nicest nurse I’ve met has been another Aya traveler, Queenie! She is so chill and makes everyone feel so valued — coworkers and patients alike! I have specifically heard, on three separate occasions, other nurses say, ‘If I’m ever in the hospital, I want Queenie to be my nurse!’ She always asks if you need help and always looks so calm and collected — even on a busy day! I think a nurse like her should be recognized for being so kind-hearted and welcoming. Thanks to her, my assignment is off to a great start! Kudos to you, Queenie, for being an authentic, wonderful nurse and most of all a kind person!”

Good job, Queenie! Your team admires your hard work and positivity, and so do we.


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