McKenzie and Evan receive a DAISY Award nomination

August 24, 2023 |

A colleague nominated McKenzie and Evan for a DAISY Award for their influential devotion to delivering quality care and demonstrating the professional practice model of nursing.

The colleague wrote, “McKenzie and Evan are unique assets for our facility, and we’re happy to have them for their sincere response and compassionate patient care. McKenzie and Evan serve as role models for the nursing profession and display the highest standards of care. Once, a patient was admitted with respiratory distress and had a difficult airway. McKenzie urged the physician team for early and safe intubation to prevent further damage when the patient desaturated frequently. Both nurses advocated for the patient to have early airway protection to ensure safe and appropriate care. Another time, a critically ill patient exhibited a sudden onset of altered mental status. McKenzie and Evan demonstrated their excellent clinical and critical skills to keep the patient safe. Both nurses de-escalated the patient with a calm demeanor and a steady voice. They helped the primary nurse establish a special connection with the patient through trust and emotional support. During any emergency in the MICU, they are the first to lend a helping hand, regardless of whether or not they are completely free. They possess knowledge of high critical thinking to prevent clinical emergencies and remain determined to provide safe and compassionate nursing for all patients. Both nurses represent the code of conduct and core values Aya Healthcare is committed to providing.”

Congratulations McKenzie and Evan. You guys are a true power couple!

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