Manager praises travel nurse Brittany for going above and beyond

June 28, 2019 |

Aya travel nurse, Brittany, went above and beyond to “Ensure” that one of her patients felt comfortable and calm—even on a very busy night.

Here’s what her manager had to say:

“I just wanted to let you know that the unit was very busy yesterday and Brittany stayed over to help clean and sort some of the mess out. Also, we had a sick 34-year-old cancer patient that was here for sciatica, then spiked a fever and needed to be transferred. She doesn’t really eat much, water makes her nauseous and she usually only tolerates Ensure, which we didn’t have. Brittany went above and beyond for the patient and went and bought her Ensure with her own money and time. The patient was so grateful and gushed about how excellent we were—especially Brittany! Way to go, Brittany! So proud to work with her and have her on our team!!!”

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