Madison receives a Role Model For Excellence award

October 18, 2023 |

Madison received a Role Model for Excellence award for her top-tier performance while floating to another unit.

The facility leader said, “Madison floated from her home unit to the extended care unit and had to adapt to caring for 12 patients. Despite this daunting task, she maintained a very positive attitude. She took it upon herself to help others pass their meds, making sure patients got their medications on time. She also recognized a decline in a patient’s condition, resulting in a rapid response being called, ensuring the patient received the care they needed. She truly went above and beyond to prioritize patient care and support her peers, especially since it was not her home unit. She showed great resiliency and adaptability by providing great nursing care regardless of her environment.”

Congratulations on the award, Madison! Your team appreciates you, and so do we. Keep up the great work!

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