Kali receives a DAISY Award nomination

February 15, 2023 |

A patient’s spouse nominated Kali for a DAISY Award for her human touch and caring bedside manner.

The patient’s spouse wrote, “My husband, who was extremely limited physically, had constant diarrhea, requiring frequent cleanup and bed changing. He couldn’t roll himself by hand onto the bed. Kali was always kind and cheerful and never showed any sign of impatience or weakness. She was upbeat and efficient. She came as quickly as possible to relieve him from the mess. He was depressed and humiliated by it, but she kept him from being gloomy or testy. He and I are so grateful for her skill and attitude. She also communicated this attitude to her tech assistant, especially to one who was equally kind and cheerful.”

Kali, your patients appreciate you, and so do we! Keep up the good work!

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