Jennifer receives an award from her patient’s family

August 30, 2023 |

A patient’s family awarded Jennifer for the way her kindness deeply affected them. Here is her story:

When Jennifer arrived at her shift, she realized her patient was uncomfortable and struggling to breathe. She immediately took action and spent four hours with him to position him comfortably so he could breathe and ease his high temperature with moist clothes and ice packs. She learned the patient’s wife and son had been with him all day without anything to eat or drink, so she personally got them sandwiches and drinks. Following the patient’s passing, Jennifer contacted the funeral home for his family so they could have time to process. The patient’s family expressed tremendous gratitude that Jennifer was with them. Her kindness, patience and compassion made the difference when they needed it most.

Jennifer said she did what she always does: treat people like humans and bring comfort where she can. After a career as a hairdresser, Jennifer went back to school to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse like her mother. She felt if she could make a little difference in the world, she would be happy. She certainly did that for this patient and his family!

A touching story, Jennifer. Congratulations on the award. We’re proud to have you on the team!

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