Gavin is nominated for a DAISY Award

August 1, 2022 |

A patient nominated Gavin for a DAISY Award for his exceptionally accommodating care.

The patient wrote, “Gavin was great for my entire visit. Like everyone in the unit — and I do mean everyone — he was always right on top of my care, asking if I needed anything and so on. However, it was his interaction with the students, other staff and my family that really set him apart. He took time to explain what he was doing, why he was doing it and how the treatments or procedures were doing. His command of the material, his demeanor and his attitude really set him apart.”

The patient’s wife added, “Stays in the ICU are a blur. When my husband came in after a heart attack, it was frightening. Gavin was reassuring, attentive and confidently inspiring for the two days he tended to my husband. We are grateful for Gavin and that our story had a happy ending.”

Your patients are grateful for your quality care, Gavin, and so are we! Keep up the good work!

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