Emily receives a DAISY Award nomination

March 15, 2023 |

A patient’s mother nominated Emily for a DAISY Award for her touching warmth and heartfelt care.

The mother wrote, “We have been in the hospital for about three weeks and most of that time we have been in the ICU. Being here hasn’t been easy, but as soon as we met Emily, I have felt nothing but comfort from the way she has lovingly cared for my son and made sure he is alright. When moments arise when he isn’t alright, Emily is upfront with him, but also puts him at ease by telling him he is in great hands — which is 100% true. Emily is going to be our nurse for a second week, and I couldn’t be happier. As a mother, I want to feel safe about the people around my child, and I can tell you I feel 10,000% having her around my son. I’m so blessed to have met her, and she will forever carry a special place in our hearts!  We have had many great nurses during our stay, but Emily is just a special one for us!”

We are so proud to have you on our team, Emily! Congrats!


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