Carnesha receives a DAISY Award nomination

September 7, 2022 |

A facility manager recognized Carnesha for the excellence she brings every day after a patient thanked her for her amazing care. She then gave Carnesha a DAISY Award nomination.

The patient said, “Carnesha was the sweetest nurse to me and my husband, who was the patient. If we had questions about his care she would fill us in, or if she didn’t know, she would find the answer for us. She was gentle and caring anytime she was in the room. She was also very compassionate towards me after learning I had just lost my daughter. She gave me some good advice on how to handle some issues and handle her death. She was so compassionate, and I really enjoyed talking with her about my passion of becoming a nurse. She told me, ‘if you want it bad enough, go for it ’cause you’re never too old to accomplish your dreams.’ I truly admire this young lady. You have a great and caring employee working for you. She is in the profession for the right reason. Thank you, Carnesha!”

Congratulations, Carnesha! Way to provide excellent care.

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