Brittney receives a DAISY Award nomination

March 6, 2023 |

A charge nurse nominated Brittney for a DAISY Award for her teamwork mentality and assistance to the unit.

The charge nurse wrote, “Brittney has worked as a travel nurse at our hospital’s neonatal ICU for almost a year. Today, she was floated to my floor, which is a post-surgical neuroscience unit. This particular day, we were extremely short-staffed, and Brittney stepped right in to help! You  never would have known her only experience was the neonatal ICU — she was so adaptable to the older kids. She was extremely kind and went out of her way to help the nurses with their assignments as well as going above and beyond for the kids on the floor.  Never once did she complain or say anything about working with a patient population that was different from what she usually cares for.”

Congratulations on the nomination, Brittany! Keep up the good work!

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